About Us

Our History

By the end of the 1900s, there was a search for a more hardened sheep breed than the traditional Merino at Kranskop. A breed that can handle and sustain the drought of the Karoo, which is becoming increasingly intense due to climate change.

In 2000 Kranskop Dorpers originated with the dedication from Riaan le Roux and animals mainly from the herds of Mr’s Philip Strauss and Tien Jordaan. Since our inception, we have strictly selected for hardened, adaptability, fertile and good mother characteristics to ensure a lamb with the best possible weaning weight.

That is why we pride ourselves that our largest client base is in the western parts of South Africa, Namaqualand and Boesmanland, maybe one of the the driest regions in South Africa. The fact that raw materials are becoming more expensive and scares because of climate change, we need to be adaptable in all circumstances to keep on farming.

We only offer animals that are selected by the inspectors of the Dorper Breeders’ Society of South Africa and that ensures functionality and an attractive appearance. Collaboration with veterinary surgeons we guarantee you a fertile and disease-free animal.

We pride ourselves that we are always available to assist a client with advice and assistance to take their dorper herd to new heights.